Exploring white in textile and stitch

I am looking forward to teaching this workshop next year. I have always loved white-on-white, and combining very subtly different shades of that colour or breaking its surface with kantha quilting and/or embroidery. One of my favourite stitching memories is when Tricia Warman, who was well known for her exquisite bright, colourful kantha quilting, did one of my workshops at Cowslip Workshops. Of course she did not need any help from me, but she decided to go with my colour palette of whites and neutrals. She was only out of her comfort zone for a nanosecond and produced the most gorgeous results. I miss her. She would be the perfect person to teach with me in France and I shall always be sad that this will not now be possible. You can still see her work on Pinterest, and some of us are lucky enough to own some.

Beautiful Kantha quilting by Tricia Warman


Curtain made by Caroline Zoob from scraps of antique and vintage whitework (The Hand Stitched Home)



Whitework embroidery by Caroline Zoob, using subtly overdyed thread.

A detail of a quilted and embroidered sampler by Caroline Zoob. This section was created by piecing minute scraps together, some no larger than 2cm x 1cm.

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