Painting linen

I particularly liked the way one of the women at my recent Paint into Stitch workshop at Cowslip Workshops painted several birds, rather like a nature study, to practise painting on antique linen with silk paints. We then stitched the linen onto some beautiful blue rag paper, and layered a sheet of my favourite Tervakosi, a crisp, translucent detail paper over the top. Tervakosi is wonderful for making journals of your work, and you can use pencil, drawing pens and even light watercolour on it, so you can almost record the evolution of an idea to completion by layering the sheets on top of each other – rather like a luddite’s version of Photoshop. It can of course be used as tracing paper, although I think it needs a lightbox – it is not quite as translucent as ordinary tracing paper.












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