Caroline Zoob embroidery kit No 7: The Christmas Rocking Horse (UK)


I have always loved rocking horses, ever since my darling father made a very simple one for me when I was five. A favourite childhood book was The Children of Green Knowe, by Lucy Boston, from which the following quote inspired my new Christmas kit:

‘At one side there was a beautiful old rocking horse – not a “safety” rocking horse hanging on iron swings from the centre shaft, but a horse whose legs were stretched to full gallop, fixed to long rockers so that it could, if you rode it violently, both rear and kick.’

A friend has a collection of Christmas pictures and cushions which she brings out, along with her decorations, each December. I also thought this would make a lovely present to welcome a child to its first Christmas celebration.

Hand-printed on a generously sized piece of antique linen, the design measures just under 14cm square and so would fit will in an A5 frame.

The price of £35 includes postage to all areas of the United Kingdom. For delivery to other regions, please see the other two product lines for the EU and US/Australia/Canada.






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