Caroline Zoob embroidery kit No 5 – The Dog Walkers (USA, CANADA, AUSTRALIA)


Inspired by the slow turn of the seasons between summer and autumn, with yellows and bronzes tinging the trees and hedges,  this original design embroidery kit by Caroline Zoob features two women who meet, possibly most days, walking their three dogs. It is slightly larger than the size of a A6 postcard, and uses very simple stitches and lots of different autumnal hues. You can either stitch the field on the left very densely, or you can paint it and add sparser stitching, although the effect if you paint it densely is quite satisfying. You can also not use paint at all, and all is explained in the kit.

The kit contains the design printed on lovely French antique linen, a printed thread card (recently described as ‘a little work of art in itself’, which is all due to my creative graphic designer) filled with the threads you will need, and a folded card printed with instructions, diagrams and illustrations.

The price includes packing & postage to all areas of the USA, Canada,Australia & New Zealand.

An original design by Caroline Zoob.


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