MINI EMBROIDERY KIT: The door to the secret garden (EC Europe)


Inspired by a design called The Secret Garden I created some years ago for a children’s bed linen company, this mini kit features a painted wooden door under a canopy of greenery and roses, with surrounding brickwork. It is very simple to stitch and ideal for keeping you company on a journey or for someone who is just getting back to embroidery. Full guidance will be given on how to paint the door and brickwork. The completed design is about 9cm high, but there is nothing to stop you adding your own elements to the design – perhaps an espaliered fruit tree, or some lavender in front of the wall. One person added a gnome!

The kit is packaged in a pretty, hand-made envelope and contains the design printed on a piece of vintage French linen, plus threads and clear printed instructions.

The price of £26.95 includes postage and packing to all EC countries.



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