pre-order THE STITCHER’S JOURNAL ISSUE No 12 Christmas 2021 (UK only)


I can hardly believe I am working on the 12th issue of The Stitcher’s Journal, the last of 2021. In order to allow non-subscribers who may not be familiar with The Stitcher’s Journal to buy an individual copy and see what it is like before the 2022 subscription goes live, I am offering an opportunity to order a copy of Issue 12 in advance of publication towards the end of this month. As well as the usual sixty-four pages of articles and features, I am including an A3 fold-out insert full of Christmas templates and stitching ideas, drawn from my archive of over twenty years of stitching and designing. So it is a bit of a one-off.

Every day I am asked for back copies by new subscribers, so this is a chance to buy a copy in advance. I will only print extra copies to order.

The price of £25 includes postage and reflects the fact that it is fair to those who subscribed for the whole-year that a one-off copy costs more than the annual subscription price divided by 4. There is also the insert. However, it is also the case that the annual subscription price for 2022 will have to rise, as the prices of just about everything involved in the production of the Journal have risen over 2021.

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