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THE STITCHER’S JOURNAL 2020 subscription (magazine only) – USA/CANADA & AUSTRALIA


I started the  The Stitcher’s Journal at the beginning of 2019, fulfilling a long-held ambition to create a publication free from advertising, dedicated to the art of embroidery. An off-square A5 size, it fits neatly in your handbag, and issues so far have included some history, some visual inspiration, profiles of professional embroiderers as well as features about the work of talented amateur embroiderers as well as articles about the use of makers’ notebooks, favourite stitches, new books to read, features about thread collections for different flowers or seasons, and more. I am very grateful to those who have contributed to the Journal so far, sharing their stories and work. The first issue of 2020 has been published, but in a spirit of optimism, I have printed extra journals and kits in case anyone wanted to join the 2020 subscription.

In 2019, the Journal was not available without subscribing to the embroidery kits. For 2020, it will be possible to subscribe to the Journal without the embroidery kits, but only as an annual subscription.

The price includes postage at cost, and reflects the work that goes into creating the Journal, the high production standards, the exclusivity and being able to read it without the interruption of adverts.


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