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I started The Stitcher’s Journal at the beginning of 2019. Producing it combines my love of writing and embroidery. I have enjoyed sharing the story of thread through time, delving into the embroidery journeys of stitchers, both professional and amateur, as well as sharing colour palettes, patterns and sources of inspiration gathered over twenty years as an embroiderer and designer. It has been such a pleasure to collaborate with other writers and makers, and to work with a wonderfully creative designer. We are a very small, freelance team, so sometimes life shifts a deadline along a little, but we are committed to the highest production standards our budget allows and we have a fabulous printer who takes the greatest care to get the colours right.

I have always found advertisements in magazines distracting. Moreover, the designer of the magazine has no control over the look of the advertisement, so it can skew the look of a spread or article. There is no advertising in The Stitcher’s Journal. It has to fund itself and is currently sixty-four pages of content.

One of the nicest compliments I received was from someone who said ‘normally, I just look at the pictures when I read a magazine, but with The Stitcher’s Journal I make time to read the articles’.

Embroidery kits: what happened to the option to take kits?

For the past three years, there has been an option to subscribe also for exclusive quarterly embroidery kits. As the subscription has grown, I have found it increasingly hard to find one design that suits quite so many subscribers. Hence my decision to offer only the Journal on subscription. There will be plenty of embroidery kits, more in fact, because I will have more time. There will be a greater choice of  kits suiting a wider range of tastes and experience and anyone will be able to buy them.

If you subscribe before 31 December 2021, you will receive a code which will deduct 5% at the checkout from all ALL embroidery kit purchases in 2022. 

You can read articles from previous issues on the home page at You can also buy a back copy of Issue 11 or the current Issue 12 individually. The Stitcher’s Journal will not be sold individually or in shops in 2022 – it is for subscribers only for another year.

The price of £75 buys four issues and includes first class postage to all areas of the United Kingdom.

It makes me very happy that so many people seem to love the Journal. The first thing people ask when they receive their first copy is how can I buy back copies? I cannot believe I have missed this’.

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1 review for THE STITCHER’S JOURNAL 2022 annual subscription (4 issues) – UK

  1. Andrea Boulton (verified owner)

    I wanted to thank you for another beautiful magazine, as all of 2021 editions have been. One of the nicest things about the journal is the impossibility of consuming it fast. It require several days, quiet time with a coffee specially for each article. It is a mindful space and I am grateful for it.  I have just renewed the subscription

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