The Stitcher’s Journal – Issue No 8 (UK )


As we all face a period of hunkering down, I thought I would offer the opportunity to order, in advance of printing, a copy of Issue No, 8 of The Stitcher’s Journal. This is the last of 2020, an issue with a lot of ideas and inspiration for stitching for Christmas and through the winter.

The Stitcher’s Journal is a quarterly publication, free from advertising, offering sixty pages featuring a little bit of history, interviews with embroiderers, ideas and inspiration. You can read a couple of articles from Issue 7 in the Blog section of the Home Page – one about textile artist Anne Kelly, and another about the colour orange.

The Stitcher’s Journal is normally available only to annual subscribers, and for those who order my subscription Embroidery kits, it is supplied at cost. SO in order to be fair to those who have committed to a year in advance, I am charging the full price of £15 which includes postage to all areas of the United Kingdom. Issue 8 will be delivered across the first ten days of November. *UPDATE* It is going to print early next week and will be in the post Friday next week, November 27th. 

The 2021 subscription, featuring four Journals and four substantial embroidery kits will be opening before long, so this is a chance to have a look and see if you might want to secure a subscription for next year.



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