Welcome to my website. Here, you can browse the site for embroidery kits, or book a workshop with me or one of the wonderful guest tutors whose work I admire so much. You cam still subscribe to the Stitcher's Journal 2020, either with quarterly kits, or just for the magazine. Subscriptions will close on 25 January. You can read about the subscription on the blog, below.

The Stitcher's Journal

I started The Stitcher's Journal at the beginning of 2019. It is a quarterly, printed publication about stitchers and stitching, sent out with a quarterly embroidery kit to subscribers. The 2020 subscription is now available - see blog below to read about it and hover over the images (right) and click to read.

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The Home Page, a blog

Occasional posts, sometimes about what is coming up - workshops in France, new publications, etc - and occasionally just a ramble around things I feel like sharing.

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