Caroline Zoob mini embroidery kit: Bunny in the Daffodils (UK)


I love wild rabbits. I was once stopped by the police and breathalysed, driving from Lewes to Rodmell at night, and when it was clear I had not been drinking, the police asked why I had been driving erratically, swerving away from the side of the road. “it’s the rabbits|, I said .”They sit in the road to nibble the grass, it is much more comfortable for them.” I have a feeling that encounter may have been related a few times at the station afterwards. I do love rabbits and could never eat one. It is partly the Beatrix Potter-drenched childhood, but mostly they are just adorable, even when they used to eat the flowers at Monk’s House I simply couldn’t be cross, and when the cats brought one in to torture I would always rescue it and soothe it until its heartbeat slowed and I could let it go back to the rabbit bank.

So, here is a rabbit, just over 2 1/2 inches high, with daffodils, for you to stitch in time for Easter. There is enough linen for you to make it into an egg cosy for the Easter table, or you could make a little needle case cover for an alternative to chocolate for an Easter gift.

Anyone can tackle this:the stitches are straight stitches, sometimes close together like Satin, sometimes a version of long-and-short stitch. More important is imagining the fur of a rabbit as you stitch. The palest pink ears and the little nose are my favourite bits

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