Textile Travels by Ann Kelly

I was so delighted to feature an article by Jane Audas about Anne Kelly’s wonderful work, and this new book in particular, in Issue No. 6 of The Stitcher’s Journal.

Toward the end of Textile Travels, Anne writes about the often solitary nature of making. As Issue No 6 went to press, we were in the middle of the Covid-19 pandemic, and isolation, in differing degrees, was forced upon us. Now it may be again. Anne’s book reminds us that the mind keeps travelling, regardless of what our bodies may do. Textile Travels offers us so many ways of mapping memories of our travels past and, hopefully, future. It is an intriguing, inspiring book celebrating textiles, travel and the capture of memories in the making.

Click below to read the article about Anne which appeared in The Stitcher’s Journal No. 6.

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